2 Fast, 2 Furious: A Much Needed Rest for the 2nd Time Around

February 8, 2016 Will Lam

2 fast 2 furious lighthouse

The last 3 weeks at Lighthouse Labs have been nothing but challenging and amazing. I hate it sometimes because the curriculum will knock you down and won’t relent if you don’t prepare. But I love it because I wanted and needed this much needed pressure cooker of an environment. Let me re-state that again, it has been challenging and amazing in that I’ve never been pushed so hard intellectually in a very very long time. Maybe it will be the same for you if you’re considering Lighthouse.

Now that I’m at the half way point of the program, I have effectively “rolled over” to the next cohort as I didn’t demonstrate the deep understanding and confidence to continue. This is an option only afforded to students who have demonstrated the perseverance, hustle and commitment to succeed.

Apparently, it isn’t out of the ordinary for a program as rigorous as Lighthouse’. I’m effectively given a fresh “reboot” to go at it again, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I’ve chatted with a few other students who were in similar positions really appreciated the opportunity and kicked so much ass after sucking really bad due to unpreparedness.

This effectively extends my stint at Lighthouse Labs from 2 months to 4 months because there’s a month between my current cohort and the next one.

Your personal psychology

The hardest thing you would grapple with is your self image and self talk about yourself. You might feel stupid because you’re not able pick up everything and understand it – every single day, but that’s okay and it’s meant to be harder. In my situation, it was harder learning effectively on my own or learning part time even because of the split focus between professional work  and professional development proved to be

Let’s not misconstrue that you’re not smart enough to be in the program – that’s already been determined during their admission process (I think I am). However, the amount of time and pressure to learn new concepts and apply them for an entire 8 weeks is relentless and merciless. For some, not all, it will really rattle your confidence and that might be the thing that holds you back, the extra time needed to wrap your head around concepts being taught in class (because delegates amirite??).

A much needed rest eh? Slacker.

As for rest, I’m not really resting, I’m just learning at a more sustainable pace studying from 9 am to 8 pm or so, with a workout break programmed in at Totum Life Science which is a 2 minute walk around the corner from Lighthouse. I’m taking the revamped prep course seriously and will take on any extra work to fill in gaps so I won’t be caught off guard with how fast and furious the bootcamp is structured, with some buffer room built in to play with side projects.

Your first 720 hours as an iOS developer

Even if you make it through the bootcamp, it’s your first real 720 hours worth of time on your road to becoming a developer. That’s if you’re putting in 12 hours a day, day in day out for the entirety of the 8 weeks you’re there. If you’re solid on the fundamentals and take your prep course (which they’re still finalizing.. I’m envious of the new cohorts) seriously (almost as a precursor to the bootcamp .. and seriously.. take it seriously..as I mentioned before ), you should be in okay shape.

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