Day 43: Revisiting Foundations

November 20, 2015 Will Lam

Day 43 - Revisiting FoundationsNot much to write about or anything earth shattering. Today I’m not going to share code because while going through C Programming – The Absolute Beginner’s Guide – it goes through the basics in a way that is approach for the, well, absolute beginner. But then I just realized, at the moment I wrote “earth shattering”, that we really shouldn’t feel that way because when we’re learning programming, it’s all derived from the foundational material, be it loops, arrays, strings or if/else statements.

I think the fundamental challenge is having the resolve and consistency to be able to tame our computers – to bend it to our will and make it do what we want – not the other way around. That through consistent effort of learning by doing – fucking up, learning from our mistakes and doing it all over again – true progress happens. Real learning stems from venturing outside of our comfort zones and incorporating what we learned, and building some new in a context that we might not have thought.

This whole goddamn programming thing shouldn’t be something that’s so complex because we’re really freakin’ smart human beings standing on the shoulders of giants before us that empower us with all the cool shit they’ve built, from Assembly all the way to your latest flavour of Javascript that powers the internets and mobile apps.

Not to say that you can pick it up right away (if someone knows a faster way, please let me know…), but immersing yourself and learning programming for the right reasons such as the inherent nature to build and create value are something that should be things that go through your head when people ask you “So why do you want to learn how to code?”. It should be a no brainer – regardless of job or whatever, your reasons should be rock solid, so that when you’re hitting walls, you’re not going to give up at the first opportunity.

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