Everything you need to know on how repair your Xiaomi M365 all in one place

September 17, 2018 Will Lam

xiaomi m65 mijia


As an owner of a Xiaomi M365 Mijia Electric scooter and struggling with finding some solid and comprehensive repair resources for it, I finally hit the mother lode!

Naturally, it’s from none other than one of the leading electric scooter rental companies, Bird! It makes sense as they have an army of repair people to help with their fleet of electric scooters that need some maintenance.

Whether dealing with a flat tire to Rear Fender replacements and everything in between – it seems that they’ve covered it all.

Outside of the M365, they’ve also got repair guides for the Segway ES2 and their newer OKB model.

Have a gander and soak it all up. I think this is probably the most comprehensive resource out there and will empower you to take better care of your electric scooter.

You won’t have to go through and endless vortex foreign produced videos on YouTube 🙂

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