Managing Energy

November 19, 2018 Will Lam

I’ve been questioning how I approach my work and how I handle anxiety levels. Yes, stress is the norm, but it should be harnessed to help focus and prioritize where we should devote our energy in a given day.
I’ve been thinking a bit more granularly about my energy expenditure. 
So a question I’ve been asking myself is on a day to day basis – how do I manage my energy and time during the day?
While I am tasked as a “Solutions Engineer”, what the hell does that mean when everything is of equal importance and of equal urgency. I usually get stuck spinning my wheels, but doing something as simple as writing down the “Most Important Tasks” I need to accomplish is determined by how much time I should spend and how important a customer is (re: $$$). 
So this is what I devised.
Plan for 2 things to get done by a certain time 12 PM? and work relentlessly to get those done by 12 PM. Purely for building momentum at first.
  • From there, I’ll take on mini-tasks first and then bigger task after that
  • If it takes more than 30 minutes to get any significant progress – ask for help or delegate

From that point forward, it’s all gravy.

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