Chipping away

October 27, 2018 Will Lam

I feel as if I’ve been cocooned and in a defensive mode, one that is rooted in self preservation. Whether energy or time, I’d take it for myself, greedily and do nothing other than frittering it away on things that didn’t serve me.
I’ve been going more inward and protecting myself as if I were a turtle sometimes.
I’m now focusing on getting some momentum, any sort of momentum in accomplishing something, consistently and well. Not the best, but the kind of thing where you know a person has put in the work.
To be honest, it’s been a struggle. Somehow it slowly took over my life. I witnessed it as I can have flashbacks to specific moments in my life where I know they’ve nudged me in the direction I took in life.
Now, I’m trying to actually try. And keeping in mind the amount of energy I need to be able to consistently do things. Like taking care of my sleep and my fitness. Those things have had an outsized impact on my life.
If I took care of those things ferociously and religiously, I think my quality and outlook on life will take a turn for the better.

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