Switching from Swift to Objective-C. A short hiatus, but still here

November 5, 2015 Will Lam

day 16 switching from swift to objective c

So it’s been a while since my last real post. Some stuff happened, but I’ve slowly been able to get back to my normal’ish self. Not the deadly laser focus as before, but this time it’s more of a softer focus.

In any case, I’ve been hanging out a little bit more at Lighthouse Labs and just studying in their environment at their communal benches and working through the Bitfountain Objective-C Intro course as well as reading through C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide 3rd Edition as recommended by one of the Lighthouse Labs instructors, Adam Dahan.

While there are certainly some differences, the level of familiarity in terms navigating Xcode hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s been kind of fun backtracking and seeing things for the bigger picture, pieces of a puzzle that I’m slowly making sense of and fitting into place.

In terms of accountability and follow-through, I have an accountability buddy, Robert Wakulat. We’re putting some real skin in the game for our own challenges for projects we want to follow through, so I’m following his lead in terms of putting up a weekly cheque if we don’t follow through on what we promise to ourselves – and donating to the Conservative Party of Canada 🙂

Will be returning to regularly scheduled updates on weekdays. Thanks for tuning in.

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